This book is about the destruction of black bodies so this project pertains to race in America. You are formally invited to explore our views and advised to tread lightly with an open mind and fresh perspective.


So, you walk into your English 101 or 102 or your whatever, and your professor hands you the dreaded… *cue dramatic sound effect* syllabus! You skim through the lengthy syllabus, and all you want to know is what book do you have order off of Amazon. And you see, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Now, your initial response may range from “OMG, I can’t wait to crack this bad boy open,” to “Meh, whatever.” Regardless, you buy the book, you get the pages you need to read assigned to you. You sit down on your couch, and you open the book, and you start reading. And the first sentence reads, “Son, Last Sunday the host of a popular news show asked me what it meant to lose my body.” Now, if your anything like me, you shut that book with a puzzled stare on your face and you think, “What in the entire hell is Coates talking about? Losing your body? I can’t read this book?” Why am I like this?”


That’s where we come in. Welcome, to your user guide for Between the World and Me. This book is deep. Believe me. You’re going to need some guidance along the way. Our vision for this website is for it to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have along the way. Here is our suggested order that we want you to follow while you’re reading Between the World and Me. Start with, Who is Coates, get to know the man, the myth, and the legend by the name of Ta-Nehisi Coates. Then go to Racial Autobiography, think about your first encounter with your racial identity as you look over others people’s first experiences with race. After that look over Theory, in this folder you will find 6 very unique racial theories that you will find useful as you dig deeper into the concepts Coates explores. Next you should delve in our Discussion folder, there you will find many post, questions, images, and videos that can be used to give a broader, deeper view into Between the World and Me. I know when I’m confused about an assignment, it really helps for me see a peer’s work for guidance, and we have that here for you to see in the Student Work folder. Lastly, we have a Links folder, that contains a list of suggested videos, images, articles, and books that can be used during the semester. And professors, don’t think we forgot about you. We have a Resources for Teachers tab, that goes a little deeper into how to teach, and how to deal with the sensitive topics that are explored in Between the World and Me.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Students, we would love to see your work, and hear about some of your experiences you have when reading, so send them to us. If we really like your work, it may be chosen to be displayed on the website. We can keep your name with the work, or we can post it anonymously, either way, we would love to hear back from you. This website was made for students by students. Thanks again, and good luck this semester. Stay woke!