Internalized Racism

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  • When a Person of Color adopts the racist mindset that they have been exposed to through their lifetime. People of Color sometimes adopt a white supremacist mindset that results in self-hatred and hatred of their respective racial group.
  • POC suffering from internalized racism, for example, may have a certain disdain towards their physical characteristics that make them racially distinct such as skin color, hair texture or eye shape.
    • Internalized Racism-Suzanne Lipsky
    • What Is the Definition of Internalized Racism?
    • Example of internalized racism, Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks
      • Although presented in a comedic way, Uncle Ruckus is an excellent, (a little over-exaggerated) example of internalized racism. Because of his childhood and the way he perceives society, he rattles white supremacist rhetoric, even going as far as bleaching his skin daily, and saying he has “re-vitiligo” causing his skin to turn brown.
    • Colorism is a key concept that one must understand to fully understand internalized racism. This problem is one that is unique to communities of color. It occurs when minorities discriminate against those with darker skin than they have. For years in the black community, lighter skin was viewed as superior to darker skin.
      • Colorism stems as far back as slavery times.
        • It was said back in the days of slavery, the slave master would put the lightskin slave in the house to do work like cooking, cleaning, and other homemaking jobs. The slave master would treat the lightskin slave like gold in a way because of the town of the skin. Still treated like a slave however, but a slave with dignity if you will. On the contrary, the darkskin slave would work on the fields, picking cotton, farming, and doing extensive outside labor in the hot southern sun. The darkskin slave would be disrespected and raped, and told they are ugly because of the color of their skin. The slave masters made it a point to tell the darkskin slaves they were ugly and worthless.