Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

DeGruy_Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

  • It is a condition that exists as a consequence of multigenerational oppression of Africans and their descendants resulting from centuries of slavery.
  • Key patterns in PTSS
    • Vacant Esteem
      • Feelings of hopelessness, depression and a general self-destructive outlook
    • Marked Propensity for Anger and Violence
      • Violence against self, property and others, including the members of one’s own group
    • Racist Socialization and (internalized racism)
      • Learned Helplessness, literacy deprivation, distorted self-concept, antipathy or for the following:
        • The members of ones own identified cultural/ethnic group,
        • The mores and customs associated ones own identified cultural/ethnic heritage,
        • The physical characteristics of ones own identified cultural/ethnic group.