Whiteness as Property

Whiteness as Property_Harris

  • Argues that being a White American makes any that comes near you accessible no matter what because you’re white.
  • “White” in the United States makes accessible the right to own property and the benefits that come from its ownership.
  • The history of property rights for Whites in America may be seen slave trade, and the exploitation of Native American land.
    • White people assumed they had the right to do so, because of their skin color.
  • Property not only pertains to slaves and land, but also to human rights.
    • During the time of slavery, since Whiteness determined whether someone was free or slave, i.e. had or did not have basic human rights,
    • Blacks were considered socially inferior, the right to property was given to the White Americans.
  • Back in the day “property” could be described as people or physical property, now it can be described as economic, social, and political superiority.