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This book is about the destruction of black bodies so this project pertains to race in America. You are formally invited to explore our views and advised to tread lightly with an open mind and fresh perspective.

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Black Male Think Tank

We are a brotherhood of young black scholars under the guidance of a professor set on spreading consciousness. We proudly take on the task of tackling issues and relations that surround us black males. We are passionate about emphasizing the experience of male minorities in college. We were approached about bringing our thoughts to the CBC book, BTWM, and couldn’t refuse this wonderful opportunity. Since we were comfortable with talking about all of the main themes the book touches on, such as, racial identity, microaggressions, and colorblind racism, this assignment was a natural fit for us. This book has been helpful with creating an environment for us to be able to have conversations about ourselves and living in Baltimore. Even though Coates is writing to his son, he gives people another lens to look through. It’s up to the readers to decide whether or not they want to open their eyes to see the truth, or nothing at all. This book will bring great connection between people and their community in Baltimore.




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